What is Chppi?

The Coalition for Community Housing Policy in the Public Interest (Chppi) is a nonpartisan consumer advocacy organization that consists of a nationwide consortium of homeowners, housing advocates, real estate professionals, investors, public relations specialists, attorneys, and policy makers, to shape consumer-focused housing policies that protect the rights of individual residents.  

Chppi seeks to educate housing consumers about their rights and responsibilities, should they choose to live in an Association-Governed Residential Community.*  Chppi firmly believes that every consumer deserves transparent, full disclosure of community governance standards, ongoing documentation of fiscal health, and the right to reside in a safe, healthy, and welcoming community.

*Here’s a brief review of the acronyms used in the Association-Governed housing industry:


HOA: Homeowners Association, technically refers to a private Association that governs single-family homes, detached or attached, on deeded lots. However, the term can be used generically to refer to all types of Association-governed communities. including condominiums.

CID or CIC: Common Interest Development or Common Interest Community, both terms used by industry and trade professionals. CIDs/CICs encompass all types of communities that share expenses for maintenance of common elements. A CID may be governed in whole or in  part  by some sort of  private Association. Some CIDs are also governed in whole or in part by a limited- or special-purpose taxing district, known as Development Districts.

POA: Property Owners Association,  a term often used interchangeably to refer to a Homeowners' Association, especially if the community is part of a Development District.

COA:  Condominium Owners Association, refers to a privately governed Association that entails ownership of property that does not include individual deeded lots for private use by its owners. This can include apartment-style dwellings, town homes, or villas where land is deeded to the Association.

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